Outdoor Recreation Equipment for Sale in Eunice, LA

Winchester Model 1892 rifle, serial number 275708 made in 1905, chambered in the 32-20 WCF cartridge. 24" round barrel (standard), full magazine. Special order takedown frame. Winchester model 1892 rifles with takedown frames are scarce and even more scarce in the early letter-able serial number range. All features confirmed by a serial number search sheet from the Cody Firearms Museum - this s...
Just need to buy the parts to complete it. Printed this file online and I will probably never get to use it anytime soon. Just don't want it to go to waste. Hardware Used (about $12):1.FISHING LURE SCREW EYES 25 PACK, (004) Closed Eye, 1/2" Overall Length, 5/16" Stem Length .050" Diameter2.STAINLESS STEEL SPLIT RINGS 50 PACK, (004) Size 43.BLEEDING BAIT RED TREBLE HOOKS Size 64.3mm Dia Round Le...
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